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A brand made with love

Client: Hergest Handmade Handbags

Agency: other Creative Ltd

Role: Creative Director, Art Director

Formed in 2010, in Herefordshire, England, Hergest makes beautifully handmade handbags, ties and scarves to clients throughout the country. The company takes pride in using local tweed and leather, and the silk prints take inspiration from local history. 


With high ambitions to sell products in Europe and the Far East, Hergest needed a brand that would be able to compete at the highest level.


A quintessentially British company needed a brand that would reflect its heritage, yet also feel modern and appeal to a younger audience. A brand that would look just as good on a label as it wold on a website.


The result is a fresh, clean and simple brand that uses the Union Jack to represent its roots, while the teal colour gives it a modern twist. 

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