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Anyone can be brave for London

Client: Metropolitan Police

Agency: aia

Role: Art Director

Ahead of the 2012 London Olympics,
the Mayor of London ordered the Met police to double the number of Special Constables. A new campaign was needed to show how part-timers can make a real difference. However, research showed that the public believed that there is only one certain type of person who would join the police. Yet, anyone can be brave, given the chance. The campaign needed to challenge this preconception. 


With that in mind, we wanted to create something that people would enjoy and make them think about the role of a Special Constable in a different way. Giving the campaign humour and pop culture reference made the commuters
of London stop and take a closer look. The campaign was rolled out on London’s public transport, including the underground and buses, newspapers

and billboards. 


As a direct result of the campaign,
the Met police received over 900 applications every month, making it way above the target the Mayor had ordered. 

2009 CIPD
Winner - Outdoor and Press Advertisement
2009 RADS
Silver - Best Campaign
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